Wherever our respective organisations are in the ‘return to work’ journey, it is clear that we are facing challenging and changing conditions, with a high degree of uncertainty.

How we engage employees, understand their concerns and leverage their experiences will be key, as we look to make up for lost time or mitigate the constraints put upon us.

In the same way that we worked to aid organisations at the start of the COVID-19 period, we are continuing to do so with supporting a successful return to work.


Whether it’s the planning phase of re-opening offices, bringing furloughed employees back into the fold or adapting to new demands within retail or hospitality, Pulse 360 can truly help you better listen, learn and act on employee feedback.


As you can see from our above video, we want to make it easy for organisations and their employees to see benefit now, when they need it most, even if the usual budgets are challenging.


If this could help your organisation or you have any questions about any of the above, then please do not hesitate to contact us.