Pulse 360 positively impacts employees, and the wider organisation, in two key areas:
Employee Voice
Employee Performance

Employee Voice

Feedback Reimagined

Real-time feedback for organisations and their employees.

Pulse Surveys

The Power of Employee Voice

Send targeted questions to employees to measure the operating climate and ‘health’ of your organisation.

Learn from, and leverage, employee insight

Break down organisational barriers

Higher levels of trust and transparency

Stronger employee engagement

Employee to Business feedback

Allows employees to provide feedback and insight on-demand to the organisation.

Peer-to-Peer feedback

Facilitates constructive insight to promote employee development and growth.

Employees who feel their voice is heard at work are


more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work

Without strong employee voice, organisations lose the opportunity to capture and leverage valuable feedback cycles and drive continuous improvement.

The Problem with Appraisals 

A new employee led Performance assessment, replacing outdated appraisal processes.

Performance Reimagined




of employees strongly agree that their performance reviews inspire them to improve.

Vulnerable to manager bias or inconsistency

Stressful and demotivating

Expectations are not visible or understood 

Inefficient and a huge cost to the organisation

Emphasize historical results rather than current performance.

Pulse 360 enables employee-led performance discussions, proactively focusing on the key measures and actions to support success.

Pulse 360: An Innovative Solution

Pulse 360 addresses key areas of opportunity for the modern workplace:

Providing a highly configurable solution to support your target culture and organisational DNA

Connecting organisational feedback and performance mechanisms to drive growth and change

Offering true employee centricity to build trust and commitment

Pulse 360 helps organisations, and their employees, be the best they can be.
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Web and mobile accessibility.
Open API.
Cloud based.
GDPR compliant.
SSO capable.
Secure and scalable

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