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Supporting employee success in 2021

As organisations and employees assess the potential transition to, and impact of, a ‘hybrid working’ model, it is likely that we will all need to revise and reimagine our people strategies for best effect. The need for employee engagement remains as prevalent as ever, so what can organisations do to support this?

We’ve collated a variety of accessible actions and strategies for organisations to leverage in 2021.

Be open and consistent with internal comms

Open and transparent communication builds trust, boosts motivation and considerably enhances employee engagement. Keeping employees regularly informed of goals, challenges and priorities, helps employees feel connected to, and part of, something broader. Engaging with employees fosters a sense of belonging and enables them to understand their contribution to the larger organisational picture.

Promote employee voice

With the pandemic having caused widespread concern for personal safety, health and job security, organisations can better understand employee concerns and challenges by encouraging feedback. This can, and should be done, via a variety of methods to make it easy for employees to engage.

Suitable methods include surveys, forums, physical or virtual suggestion boxes and focus groups. Like most initiatives, they rely on positive organisational intent and a willingness to listen.

A key consideration is your ability to act on this information. Sharing insight and highlighting opportunities for action are vital in proving to employees the value of their feedback.

This approach complements organisations beginning a journey to a more feedback-centric organisation.

Support physical and mental wellbeing

During the last year in particular, a wider awareness and acceptance of the value and impact of employee physical and mental wellbeing has emerged. The concepts of burnout, lack of work/life balance, stress, anxiety and feelings of isolation have been easy for all to understand.

In order to give our people the support they require, we need to adopt fresh approaches with a more human-centric focus and engage people in a positive way. For example, many organisations are running workshops and focus groups to discuss and establish best practice for technology, meeting etiquette and other areas that have emerged as challenging over the last year.

Encourage teamwork and personal development

Whilst working from home, a common challenge for employees has been the lack of face-to-face interaction and a resultant impact on connection.

Reimagining teamwork and collaboration can help employees from feeling isolated and disconnected. Provide the time, tools and the flexibility for employees to work together in the best mode available – whether that be virtually or in person. Investing time and effort into reconnecting and strengthening bonds will be hugely beneficial for all.

In a similar vein, employees will benefit from a revitalised and reinvigorated approach to L&D, coaching and mentoring. After a draining and challenging period, providing employees with optimism and opportunity for the future will solidify employee loyalty and supercharge growth and development.

Celebrate great work

Being isolated and disconnected has taken its toll on most of us. Providing recognition and acknowledgement for great work and finding opportunities to celebrate success is ideal to boost morale and support a growing sense of optimism. Employee recognition is proven to build motivation and supports productivity and employee retention.

Recognition can be demonstrated in many forms: employee awards, team celebrations or even more informal approaches like a simple message to a peer in appreciation of good work.

Flexible working

In certain industries and roles, organisations have an opportunity to reset the work paradigm and embrace a hybrid working environment, with a balance between working from home and returning to the traditional workplace. For many, this level of flexibility will allow them to choose their working hours, where they work, and offer organisations new opportunities to better engage a wider cross section of the workforce, who were constrained or limited previously by their personal circumstances.

As restrictions ease, it is vital that organisations do not forget the lessons that have been learnt over the last year. We must be mindful that the post-lockdown working environment will present new challenges and opportunities for employee and organisational connectedness. It is up to organisations to make this process as positive and mutually beneficial as possible.


About Us

Pulse 360 has been developed and created by Foundation SP – a three-time winner of Great Place to Work and a thought leader in employee engagement and workplace culture.

We are passionate evangelists for modern ways of working that support organisational growth and employee impact. Pulse 360 is a fresh approach to feedback and employee development from an award-winning employer.

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