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Managing Return to Work Anxiety

Updated: May 14, 2021

While a successful return to the office certainly includes extensive logistical planning, it is not just the physical well-being that employers must consider. Equally, if not more, important is how organisations will respond to employees’ emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Below are, in our professional opinion, five simple but effective steps for your organisation to better engage your employees through the uncertain and challenging environment we find ourselves in currently.


Employee engagement is a topic that we are hugely passionate about and was the reason we developed our tool, Pulse 360, which aims to support real employee engagement and performance.

For employees, it supports taking charge of their own development, and for real-time feedback to be requested and shared.

For organisations, it helps leaders collate information on key issues and provides an opportunity for the employee voice to be heard.

Used across an organisation, it can lead to a shift to a high-performance feedback culture.


About Us

Pulse 360 has been developed and created by Foundation SP - a three-time winner of Great Place to Work ® and a thought leader in employee engagement and workplace culture. 

We are passionate evangelists for modern ways of working that support organisational growth and employee impact. Pulse 360 is a fresh approach to feedback and employee development from an award-winning employer.


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