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A message from Pete Grosse

Updated: May 22, 2020

For all of us, COVID-19 is presenting a series of challenges that, until very recently, we did not think were possible. Both personally and professionally, we are faced with fear, uncertainty and doubt.

In these times, it’s even more important than usual that we support, and lean on, those around us. Collaboration, community thinking and generosity of spirit are the lifeblood that will help keep us energised in the weeks and months ahead.

Personally, I am actively choosing to seek out and embrace the heart-warming stories to keep myself buoyant. It’s easy to lose sight of those amongst the tales of panic buying, selfish mass gatherings and scare mongering.

Rather than dwell on those, I see our incredible NHS workers, volunteers and former health professionals returning in a time of need alongside all the incredible local community initiatives.

In my work context, I see people coming together to show support and find ways to relieve some pressure or put a smile on the faces of others. I’m really proud to be part of FSP and Pulse 360, we cannot control the conditions we find ourselves in but we can choose to be positive and proactive in our efforts and support of others.

With so many friends and colleagues in the HR world grappling with issues, my team have been working on options for how we can do some good with Pulse 360.

With employees now remote and isolated alongside stress levels skyrocketing, we know the importance of organisations facilitating employee connectedness, hearing employee concerns and being able to take positive action.

That is why our team have setup a version of Pulse 360 that we can rapidly deploy and that reflects some of these key issues. It is pre-loaded with relevant surveys and questions alongside self-assessments, geared towards wellbeing and remote working in our current paradigm.

I want to make it easy for organisations and their employees to see benefit now, when they need it most, even when the usual budgets and resources are likely challenging.

If that could help your organisation, then please do reach out.

Collectively, we need (as individuals and organisations) to get through this time, and be ready, willing and able to make up for lost time when life gets back to some semblance of normality.

If we can play even a small role in that happening, I’d be very proud.

I have no doubt the coming weeks and months will be tough, but I’m encouraged by the ground swell of grit and optimism that I can feel every day in those around me.

Stay safe,


Pete Grosse

Director – Pulse 360

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