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The Future of the Office

Hopefully sooner rather than later we will have more flexibility in our workplace options.

But when restrictions are lifted, will we still want or need to operate in the previous workplace paradigm?!

This current shock to the system offers us a real chance to rethink the norms.

With many having spent most of 2020 not having to commute, but also missing much of the camaraderie and socialisation, will a more flexible workplace model emerge?




Of course, any changes have to work for both organisations and employees.

Are you able to facilitate those discussions and /or hear the true sentiment on this? (and other issues that have emerged over the pandemic period)?

If not, do check out Pulse 360.

Pulse 360 helps organisations listen, learn and act on employee feedback. We’re always happy to organise a no obligation demo.





What are you predictions for the future of the workplace? What changes would you (or your colleagues) love to see?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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"I suspect that for many the office will no longer be ‘where I have to go to work, everyday 9 to 5’.  

I think where possible it transitions to being ‘where we go to collaborate’. 

I’d love to see the office, or traditional workspace, emerge as an energising hub for co- and team working, fostering innovation, providing high quality and business impactful socialisation. 

That change would allow us to retain some of the flexibility and agility we’ve seen from this year (finding the silver lining in it all) but retaining the social dynamic and spirit that we all gain much needed energy from.

It’s something that I’m excited about trying to help bring to life within FSP."

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Pete Grosse,

Director of Pulse 360

Thanks for submitting!

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